Hello Beauties, I’m Hafsa Issa-Salwe, a 20 something year old International Business student from London. I’m a huge beauty enthusiast, it’s is a a huge passion of mine. I’m no way near self-centred but the feel of a body lotion, the glitter of an eyeshadow and the gorgeous smell of a Lush bath bomb does serious things for me.


Muslimah Beauty is of course a place for fellow beauty obsessives however, not only will I be focusing on our outer beauty, I want this to be a community for women to develop and learn to love their inner selves too. We can try as much as we can to make sure our hair is thick and glossy, skin blemish free and smooth but, it’ll never compete with our inner selves.


My mother, a trained beautician had a whole bunch of books on make-up, massage and aromatherapy. Being the huge bookworm I am, I’d read these books before going to bed and I was just 9 years old when I started reading these books. From there, I was fascinated!


I can’t honestly answer that! So many products come to mind but if we’re narrowing it down, I’ll choose two, it has to be MAC’s blusher in Sweet as Cocoa. It goes with everything, makes me look healthy and it’s very natural looking. My second is L’Oreal’s Telescopic Mascara, it leaves me looking like I’ve got fake lashes on.


A regular facial massage and exfoliation are essential! It’ll make a huge difference in how your make-up and the texture of your skin looks.


As well as studying, another hobby (sense the sarcasm) of mine is mixing body butters, scrubs and buying lotions and potions. You can most certainly find me at the beauty counters in Selfridges, or if I’m broke, in Superdrug. I’m also very interested in history and politics and reading up on history.


I have many tricks rolled up my sleeve which I’ll keep to myself for now but, I plan on building an empire. I’m about to launch a range of bath and body products in the near future so stay posted!

Thanks for visiting!


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Assalamu ‘alaikum Hafsa,

    I’ve returned to see that masha’Allah you have created a blog that is buzzing with articles and comments. May Allah reward you for your efforts to help sisters feel beauitiful inside and out.

    I wish you lots of success with this.



  2. lol I think you might have just saved my bank account! Today I tried coconut milk as a treatment (if I’m not mistaken you wrote about this) and its pretty cool, nothing wow, but my hair is soft lol, don’t think I like protein much so I’ll try doing this once a month.

    • I’m glad to have helped your bank account Kifaayah!! Protein needs to be approached with caution, too much will leave your hair brittle and too little won’t help at all, it’s best to have a good balance.

  3. I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that you battle out with acne, if it is mild or moderate then I swear by this. Ditch everything in your cupboard and use witch hazel twice a day as a cleanser/toner then use Zineryt lotion (has to be prescribed by the doctor), avoid foundation and as for face scrub, use a muslin cloth soaked in hot water. If you don’t notice a difference in your acne after 3 weeks you then you can sue me :p (though I own very little so probably not worth wasting your time) lol. It has done me so good, I always come back after trying all sorts of things from duac to epiduo (which just wasted my money! Silly prescription charges!). Best of luck!

    • Thanks for the tips 🙂 Duac worked for me quite a few years ago, around the time I was 15 but not anymore and I’ve had great results with Epiduo which I’m glad about. But, I’ve never heard of Zineryt, I’ll definitely keep that name safe and mention it to my doctor. Is it an all over facial moisturiser?

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